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Wow, that’s quite a big question to start with? Ok, so HELLO, I’m Lisa and I founded Headspace in 2006 to provide people in the marketing, media and creative industries with training, coaching and consulting with a bit of a difference. As a marketer I was fascinated with why consumers made the choices they made about brands and this fascination translates across to people. Why do people make the choices they make about their career and life? Why do some people click with everyone and others struggle to build relationships? Why are some people natural leaders where others shy away? Why can some people motivate and influence teams and others just leave them dry? This curiosity for why people do what they do and what drives them is at the heart of Headspace and how we train and coach – everything starts with WHY.


I’m one of you. Part of the tribe. I understand the industry and the pressures (and enjoyment) that come with working in this area. I have been helping companies develop their people in different ways and on different levels for 8 years now. So, whether its business skills such as presenting and winning pitches or developing Managers you need help with, or group communication skills from building rapport, to understanding your clients better and developing powerful language skills to influence others – I can help. At the root of everything though, are people as individuals and helping them to understand themselves better, through exercises in self-awareness, setting meaningful goals and understanding personal motivation everyone can grow and develop to be the best they can be.
Don’t take my word for it, read what clients say here.


The Headspace way is to …
1. Ask questions first and have an open mind
2. Be creative and adventurous all of the time
3. Achieve results through focus, energy and passion
4. Make things easy and simple to understand
5. Work with people who want to invest (time,effort,cash)
6. Treat people with respect, honesty & integrity
7. Give something back (pro bono work, recycle, donate)
8. Always finish early on a Friday!

Clients we’ve worked with

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Training HeadTraining

With 8 years writing, developing and running workshops for some of the top marketing, media and creative agencies and companies in the UK, Headspace knows how to engage people in a way that works, deliver content that is interesting and provide tools and techniques that really add value and are easy to use.

Find out more about our trainings here.




Coaching HeadCoaching

As a Master Coach Lisa uses methods based on NLP to dig deep and understand clients’ values and beliefs to establish how these are driving their behavior and results. This combined with an energetic approach and a questioning mind she helps people make the transition from where they are now to where they really want to be (even if they start out not knowing where this is).




Consulting HeadsConsulting

Following a successful 10-year career in FMCG Marketing Lisa now works in partnership with agencies and clients as a consultant to provide them with an extra resource where they need help. This could be by providing expertise in a new area, sector or discipline or internally helping them to define and shape their culture and ways of working.




Writing HeadWriting & Speaking

As a Stylist columnist for two and a half years Lisa wrote the back page ‘60 Second Therapist’. Coming up with ideas and providing analysis and useful tips and techniques that would resonate with the readers on a weekly basis. She now writes for a variety of lifestyle magazines. Lisa also speaks at events on topics such as ‘embracing change’ ‘How to build strong relationships’ and ‘the brand of you’ amongst other things.


What people say about Headspace


“Working with Lisa enabled me to gain some much needed clarity on what I wanted to do in my career and where I needed to focus in order to move forward. Lisa helped me to be honest with myself about what was important to me and this really challenged me to concentrate on what role would be most meaningful for my future. I really enjoyed the experience of working with Lisa; she is empathetic and outcomes focused which meant I really felt that I moved my thinking forward through our sessions.”
Jenny Kirby – Managing Partner (Mindshare)



“Lisa is one of our preferred trainers of choice at BD Network and we have successfully worked in partnership with her over the last three years on various projects. She has supported us with the design and running elements of our bespoke in-house talent programme, as well as our core skills workshops and 1-2-1 coaching programme. Lisa is a pleasure to work with, she totally understands the marketing culture and we have had great feedback on the sessions she has ran.”
Laura Parker – Head of HR (BD Network)


“Lisa helped me at a key time in my career to create a more focused view on where and how to get the most personal satisfaction and value from my role.  She has an encouraging and genuine approach which helped me to take a step back from my day to day work and work out what was really important.”
Nick Adams – Head of Digital Development (Mindshare)


“At one of our early magazine events one of the highlights of Lisa’s involvement with Stylist includes her appearance at the Stylist Network event, in which she spoke for 20 minutes and left the audience of 250 aspiring entrepreneurs motivated, inspired and armed with real skills to make a difference in the world of networking and pitching. To be honest, she made them giddy with excitement!”
Lisa Smosarski – Editor (Stylist)


“Lisa was instrumental in the success of the Gaymers Music campaign. From conception of ideas, through to development of creative platforms and delivery of the campaign she delivered in every way across both the festivals and Gaymers Grassroots Gigs. It was no coincidence that we won awards on the two areas that Lisa was involved in.”
Fiona Lovett – Marketing Controller (Gaymers)


“Lisa worked with Clarion Communications as a client consultant on an ambitious experiential and multi-media music campaign, Gaymers Grassroots Gigs. Lisa was inspirational to work alongside, a strategic ‘big picture’ and creative mind.   As a client she was motivational for the agency team, with a collaborative, up-beat, hands on and results-driven approach.  Work with Lisa was successful, rewarding and fun.”
Philippa Wynn-Green – Board Director (Clarion)


“Lisa was a weekly contributor to Stylist from its launch in October 2009 for over two and a half years. In her role as the Sixty Second Therapist, she was an important face of the magazine, one who readers responded fantastically to. She managed to succinctly summarise complex emotional thoughts and analysis into snappy and sparky copy – no mean feat, especially on a weekly. It’s not easy to make this content inclusive and accurate, whilst still hitting a word count, but during her stint as the Sixty Second Therapist she did just that every week. Not only did Lisa fulfill her brief brilliantly on her regular page, but she was also able to turn her hand to longer form features. It was an absolute delight to work with Lisa and she was a hugely important part of the Stylist launch team.”

Lisa Smosarski – Editor (Stylist)


“The coaching sessions I had with Lisa were very worthwhile and valuable for my development.  Lisa helped me become a more inspiring communicator by identifying and unlocking the barriers within my values and beliefs, and with smart techniques tailored to my specific needs.”
Coaching Client – Media Planning (Mindshare)


“ I worked with Lisa Merrick for a day and a half on ‘Amazing Presentations Training’ and discovered some really interesting tools on preparation, relaxation and delivery of presentations to large audiences. Lisa’s style was relaxed and upbeat and I felt very comfortable working on a 1:1 basis with her. The results were incredible, when I stood up in front of 500 people, all my fears dispersed and I honestly believe I gave the best presentation of my life. The feedback I received post the event was incredible.”
Kevin Hydes – Marketing Manager (Costa Coffee)


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